Friday, September 1, 2017

Having Jaw Surgery or Wisdom Teeth Removed? Cool Jaw Ice Pack To The Rescue!

After jaw surgery or oral surgery, you often need to apply ice packs to your face on a regular basis for several days to help reduce swelling. This is especially true after wisdom teeth are removed. These handy, well-constructed face wraps do the trick. Cool Jaw Wraps are made of stretchy satin spandex material that is very soft to the touch. A special built-in pocket on each side holds an ice pack, so that you can ice both sides of your face while remaining hands-free.

The split top and tailored chin ensure a comfortable, slip-free fit, no matter the length of your hair. Two velcro closures at the top ensure a secure fit and offer a custom amount of compression to help reduce pain and swelling. The ice packs are large enough to cover the entire cheek area. The gel packs are reusable and the face wrap is machine washable.

The Cool Jaw wrap comes with 4 clear gel packs, which stay frozen and cold for about an hour when worn on your face. Keep 2 on your face, and 2 in the freezer, to ensure that one pair is always frozen and ready to use.

Why struggle with holding a ice pack to your face when you can have the convenience of Cool Jaw Wraps? Take a closer look at: