Thursday, September 23, 2010

Surviving Braces - A "Must-Have" Book!

We've just added a new book to our product lineup, called "Surviving Braces."

Co-written by an orthodontic technician with 32 years of experience, and edited by an Orthodontist, Surviving Braces packs a lot of practical advice into its 160 pages. Included are chapters detailing what to expect when you get braces, dealing with orthodontic emergencies, braces trivia, space for an orthodontic diary, more than 65 delicious recipes, and a ton of practical tips and facts. There is even a diagram showing the parts of braces, to help you better understand what your orthodontist is talking about!

This book would make a great holiday must-have "stocking stuffer" gift, or a great gift in general for any kid, teen, or adult who has recently gotten braces on their teeth. Check it out!