Saturday, October 3, 2009

Looking for Pick-a-Dent or Tip-a-Dent? We have them!

Looking for a really great dental pick and gum stimulator? We highly recommend two products made by Denticator: Pick-a-Dent and Tip-a-Dent.

Pick-a-Dent is a plastic dental pick which is thin but extremely durable. It is similar to another brand of "super" dental pick sold in local stores -- except that the Pick-a-Dent is stronger and will last longer. One side of the Pick-a-Dent looks like a lightening bolt and comes to a point. The other side looks like a sword. Between the two sides, you get a variety of dental uses, from dislodging debris from dental braces and bridgework to gum stimulation. We sell Pick-a-Dent in two quantities: a bag of 36, or a value pack of 144. Each Pick-a-Dent comes in its own plastic sheath.

Tip-a-Dent is a bit larger than Pick-a-Dent. It contains a non-latex "rubber" tip on one side for gum stimulation, and a straight spiral proxi-brush on the other side. The tips snap on and off and are replaceable. We sell the Tip-a-Dent in bags of 10 (each in its own plastic sheath), and replacement rubber tips and spiral brushes are available in bags of 36.

Keep one or two of these great products in your dental kit and you'll never have to worry about yucky stuff in your teeth. They're small enough to throw in your purse or pocket so you're never caught flashing spinach to your friends and co-workers!

By the way, both of these products used to be sold in local stores years ago, but are now only available through dentists, dental suppliers, and online stores like