Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Sale on All Orthodontic Supplies

Just got braces, just got your retainers, or simply need to stock up on dental wax, threader floss, and other orthodontic supplies?

DentaKit is having a year-end holiday sale! You can save in one of two ways:

- Get Free Shipping on an order of $50 or more with coupon code Holiday2009. This applies only to order shipped to the 50 United States.

- or, Save 10% off an order of any size (no matter how large or small) with coupon code SaveTen

These coupons are valid from now until Dec. 31st 2009. Enter the coupon code on the Billing Page when you check out (the box to enter the code is near the bottom of the page). Click Here to go to and start saving now!

Happy Holidays from the staff at!

Monday, November 2, 2009

DentaSoak 3-Month Refill: Less Plastic, Better for the Environment!

Our popular DentaSoak Retainer Cleaner now has an even more environmentally friendly option: a Refill Kit that does not include the plastic soaking cup. Previously, every DentaSoak kit came with a plastic soaking cup. The problem is, most people don't need more than one cup! If customers ordered two or three DentaSoak kits, they got a lot of extra soaking cups. So, in an effort to be more environmentally friendly, the folks at DentaSoak came up with a Refill Kit that contains only the DentaSoak product and no extra cup.

This is better for you, because the Refill Kit is a little less expensive than the original Starter Kit. And, there will be less unnecessary plastic littering our landfills or recycling plants. It's a win-win for everyone!

DentaSoak is one of the only retainer cleaners on the market today that does not contain Persulfate, an ingredient that sometimes causes an allergic reaction. To use DentaSoak, you mix two packets with cold water and use the solution for an entire week, which is especially convenient for lazy kids or busy adults!

If you've never used DentaSoak before, than you need to buy the Starter Kit which includes the soaking cup (to ensure proper measurement of water to DentaSoak solution). The DentaSoak Three Month Starter Kit is $15.99, and the DentaSoak Three Month Refill Kits are $14.99.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Looking for Pick-a-Dent or Tip-a-Dent? We have them!

Looking for a really great dental pick and gum stimulator? We highly recommend two products made by Denticator: Pick-a-Dent and Tip-a-Dent.

Pick-a-Dent is a plastic dental pick which is thin but extremely durable. It is similar to another brand of "super" dental pick sold in local stores -- except that the Pick-a-Dent is stronger and will last longer. One side of the Pick-a-Dent looks like a lightening bolt and comes to a point. The other side looks like a sword. Between the two sides, you get a variety of dental uses, from dislodging debris from dental braces and bridgework to gum stimulation. We sell Pick-a-Dent in two quantities: a bag of 36, or a value pack of 144. Each Pick-a-Dent comes in its own plastic sheath.

Tip-a-Dent is a bit larger than Pick-a-Dent. It contains a non-latex "rubber" tip on one side for gum stimulation, and a straight spiral proxi-brush on the other side. The tips snap on and off and are replaceable. We sell the Tip-a-Dent in bags of 10 (each in its own plastic sheath), and replacement rubber tips and spiral brushes are available in bags of 36.

Keep one or two of these great products in your dental kit and you'll never have to worry about yucky stuff in your teeth. They're small enough to throw in your purse or pocket so you're never caught flashing spinach to your friends and co-workers!

By the way, both of these products used to be sold in local stores years ago, but are now only available through dentists, dental suppliers, and online stores like

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Double Refill Pack for InfaLab's Brace Relief Pocket Kit

By popular demand, we have brought back the refill items for InfaLab's Brace Relief Pocket Kit -- but this time they're in a handy Double Refill Pack. That means more cost savings and convenience for you -- and less plastic in the environment!

Brace Relief Pocket Kit is a cute little mirrored square case that packs serious braces relief! It contains 4 thick rods of Brace Gard Silicone and one tube of Brace Relief analgesic gel. When you finish using the contents of the original Pocket Kit, you can fill the empty plastic case with our Double Refill Pack. It contains 8 rods of Brace Gard Silicone and 2 tubes of the analgesic gel -- double the original amount contained in the Pocket Kit -- in a convenient re-sealable plastic zipper bag.

Brace Gard Silicone has many advantages over plain dental wax. It lasts longer, is more transparent, and will not melt when you drink hot liquids. It can also be molded into a temporary mouth guard to cover a series of brackets. Your brackets must be totally dry for Brace Gard to stick properly. This means that before you use it, you should dry your braces as thoroughly as possible with a clean tissue. Most people love using dental silicone, and prefer it over regular dental wax, once they get the hang of applying it.

Need a large quantity of dental silicone? We also sell Ortho-Sil in packs of 10 containers, or boxes of 50 containers. If you need a really large quantity of Brace Gard Silicone, we can arrange to special-order it for you at no extra charge. But if enough customers want large quantities of Brace Gard, we will certainly consider adding a bulk box of Brace Gard to our inventory!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Get Ready for Summer Travel with Pre-Pasted Toothbrushes, Floss Packets, Retainer Wipes

Summer travel is just around the corner (not to mention summer camp!) Now is the time to stock up on dental care items you'll need for your carry-on or your suitcase. Whether you're in braces or retainers, we have a lot of great products that will help make your travel more convenient.

Pre-pasted toothbrushes are an easy way to stay on top of your oral hygiene when you're on the road. We carry several types:
Need to floss your braces? Don't forget to take along some packets of Glide Threader Floss, SturdyFloss or a few FlossFish! If you don't have braces, Dr. Ken's Floss Singles are individually packaged and fit anywhere (and you can use them with the FlossFish or the BridgeAid threader needle).

If you use a special mouthwash, we have spouted travel bottles which are relatively flat and pack easily. They come in two sizes: 2 ounce and 4 ounce.

If you wear retainers or Invisalign, then you should check out Cleanse. Freshen. Go. Cleansing Towelettes. These individually wrapped wipes help keep your retainer or aligner clean anywhere in just seconds. Just wipe your retainer with the towelette to kill germs. They're great for airplane travel! Or for a deeper cleaning, take along some Retainer Brite tablets, which are indivdually foil wrapped.

The thing I hated the most about traveling when I had braces was trying to find a way to rinse my mouth when I was a in public restroom. Our pop-up folding cup fills this need, and comes in a rainbow of colors. Or, you can treat yourself to one of our Braces Survival Kits, which include the folding cup and other great stuff.

Happy trails to you, wherever your summer travel will take you. I hope you flash a wide dazzling smile in your vacation pictures, confident that nothing yucky is stuck in your teeth!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Retainer / Aligner Cleaning Wipes and Spray will make your life easier!

You don't always have time to soak your retainer. And you don't always have time to rinse your aligner. And sometimes -- ick -- you drop your retainer on the floor and need to clean it right away! Wouldn't it be nice if there was a product that cleaned your retainer or aligner really quickly, like a wipe or a spray?
Well, dream no more. Finally these products have been invented, and we have them! Introducing: Cleanse. Freshen. Go. Retainer Wipes and Retainer Cleaning Spray. These products are great for Invisalign aligners, all types of retainers, sports mouthguards, nightguards, and even bridgework and dentures -- any type of removable dental appliance. And, it does not contain Persulfate!

Cleanse. Freshen. Go. Cleansing Wipes: The pre-moistened wipes (also known as "towelettes") are individually foil wrapped. To use them, take your dental appliance out of your mouth and wipe it with the towelette. That's it -- no rinsing needed! Cleanse. Freshen. Go. Cleansing Towelettes are infused with a fresh mint flavor and scent. They kill the germs on your retainer and leave it smelling and tasting minty fresh. I have to say, I wish a product like this existed when I wore my retainers 24/7 a few years ago. Personally I hated putting a "dirty" retainer back into my mouth. These wipes will come in handy in all sorts of situations when you are out-and-about. Throw a few into your purse, backpack, pocket, or briefcase. It's a great product for kids in retainers or sports mouth guards who are too lazy or forgetful to keep their retainers clean. And of course, they are great for clear aligners! Try them, we're sure you'll like them. And if you like them a lot, you can save some money by buying A Bulk Bag of 100 Cleanse. Freshen. Go. Wipes.

Cleanse. Freshen. Go. Retainer Cleaning Spray is a liquid that you spray on your retainer to kill germs and remove plaque. To use the spray, remove your dental appliance from your mouth, spray it thoroughly with the solution, then brush your retainer or aligner. If you don't have a brush, you can massage the product in with clean fingertips, or a tissue or cottonball. Then, simply rinse your dental appliance with clean running water. This product is a great alternative to soaking,and can be used as an "in between" cleaner for those situations when you don't have time to soak.

The Cleanse. Freshen. Go. Retainer Cleaning Wipes are available in either a box of 20 or a money-saving bulk bag of 100 individually wrapped wipes. The Spray is available in a 2-ounce bottle, which provides about 50 to 60 cleanings.

We think that you'll love these products as much as we do. If you know someone with Invisalign, or who is wearing retainers, or who uses a mouthguard, spread the word! Viva la convenience!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Introducing DentaSoak: A Retainer Cleaner that is Persulfate-Free

At we like to be on the leading edge and offer products that are innovative and helpful. When a new retainer cleaning product called DentaSoak caught our attention, we realized it would be a great addition to our retainer cleaning product offerings.

What's so different about DentaSoak? It does not contain the chemical Persulfate. Some people are allergic or sensitive to Persulfate and cannot use oral hygiene products that contain the chemical. Unfortuantely, many retainer and denture cleaners do contain the ingredient. But not DentaSoak. This unique formula kills 99% of disease-spreading germs and bacteria in one 15-minute use. It keeps your retainer, aligner, mouthguard, or dentures sparkling clean and odor-free, and it has a fresh minty fragrance.

DentaSoak is a combination of two types of ingredients: a liquid and a powder. To use DentaSoak, mix the liquid packet together with cold water, add the powder packet, then close and gently shake the retainer bath (included). Once the solution is mixed, it lasts for ONE WEEK. That's right, you mix it once, and use it all week long. At the end of the week, spill it away and mix a new batch for the following week. An incredibly convenient solution for kids who are lazy about keeping their retainers or mouthguards clean!

Each box of DentaSoak includes a spill-resistant retainer bath with a convenient lift-out tray, plus enough solution-making packets to last 3 months. You can save money by buying 4 boxes (a one-year supply). Give DentaSoak a try; we're sure you'll be as impressed as we were!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How to Afford The Cost of Braces

In these tight economic times, many people are cutting back, and dental work is no exception. As more people lose jobs and medical/dental benefits, they will be seeking care less often. A "luxury" like orthodontic braces may seem like an extravagance to be put on the back burner. But depending on your location and your situation, you don't necessarily have to postpone or cancel getting the smile of your dreams (or necessary early phase orthodontic work for your children).

First of all, if you're not seeing the dentist as often as usual, be sure to pay extra attention to your oral hygiene. Brush several times per day with a good fluoride toothpaste, and floss at least once per day. Try not to eat sticky sweet candies, or drink too many sugary drinks which can cause cavities. If you need to cut back on dental treatment, try to at least get two professional cleanings per year. They are usually not very expensive if you opt to only have cleanings and postpone the x-rays for a later date.

Here are some tips to help you afford braces:

  • Speak to your orthodontist to see if the payments for your treatment can be extended, so that you are paying less per month over a longer period of time.

  • If you have not already started orthodontic treatment, look into a dental discount plan, such as These types of plans are not insurance; they are discount plans that have participating groups of dentists that have agreed to offer treatment at a lesser price.

  • Investigate a dental school in your area. Many dental schools also have orthodontic programs, and take patients from the community for various types of orthodontic and dental work. Your orthodontic treatment would be done by dentists who are getting orthodontic training, and would be overseen by professors who are themselves experienced orthodontists. The cost is usually much lower than that charged by a private orthodontist.

  • Investigate whether your orthodontic treatment could be covered by a State, County, or Federal plan. In some countries such as Great Britain, a national health service offers orthodontic treatment for low cost (although there may be a waiting list).
If you already have braces and cannot afford to continue your treatment, speak to your orthodontist to work something out. Do not just keep the braces on your teeth and skip appointments, and certainly do not try to remove them yourself -- you could permanently damage your teeth! As a last resort, you could contact a local dental school and see if an orthodontist in training could finish your treatment for a lower cost. However, if you signed a payment contract with your previous orthodontist, you will still need to work out a financial arrangement for the treatment that has already taken place!

We also would not advise anyone to pay for the entire cost of their braces upfront at the beginning of treatment. Although the orthodontist may offer you a discount for doing so, it is not wise. Patients have gotten burned when an orthodontic office suddenly closes and they cannot get treatment or get their money back! If this happened to you, you would have to start over with a new orthodontist! Most orthodontists are reputable; but nevertheless, it is not wise to pay for the whole thing in advance no matter how attractive that option may be.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Keeping Your Braces Clean in the New Year

It's a new year, so resolve to keep your teeth cleaner! When you have braces, it can seem daunting to keep your teeth clean enough, but it's essential. If you let too much plaque and debris build up on your teeth, it can cause bad breath and decay.

Do you have to brush your teeth after every single meal and snack? Realistically, you will probably not be able to. But if you commit to brushing after most major meals, you will keep your teeth reasonably clean. When you can't brush, swish your mouth several times with water. This is especially helpful after eating sweets or drinking sugary beverages.

Brushing teeth that have braces is not hard. At first you may find it more time consuming than before you had braces. But as the weeks go on, you will fall into your new oral hygiene routine.

  1. Rinse with warm water a couple of times to dislodge any food particles.

  2. Use a gum massager or dental pick to dislodge any particularly stubborn particles that are badly stuck in your brackets.

  3. Now you can use a small amount of toothpaste and brush your teeth. It is best to use circular, vibrating motions around the gum line. Angle your toothbrush above and below the brackets. Scrub each surface of every tooth with 10 strokes of the toothbrush. This should take several minutes -- be as thorough as possible. Don't forget to also clean the surfaces of the molars and to also brush your tongue!

  4. Rinse again with water several times to remove food debris.

  5. Floss your teeth at least once a day, then rinse again. Floss threader needles, or threader floss which has a stiff end make it easier. It can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming to floss your teeth when you have orthodontic braces, but the more you practice, the easier and faster it will become. It's great to use a Waterpik-type device, but as most dentists will tell you, a Waterpik is not a total substitute for dental floss. So, as much as you may hate to floss, it is necessary, especially when you have braces!

When I had braces on my teeth (I wore them for three years, when I was in my early 40's) I found several products extremely helpful, and we sell them all at