Saturday, October 30, 2010

Goodbye Dr. Ken's Floss, Hello Fresh & Go Floss

We hate to see a terrific product go, but sadly Dr. Ken's natural vegan floss singles have been discontinued. Apparently the Dr. Ken's company was acquired last year, and the acquiring company decided not to continue the single use floss products. (Don't worry, the other Dr. Ken's products, such as the toothpaste, mouthwash, etc. will still be made and are not being discontinued).

Fortunately, it gives us the opportunity to introduce a similar floss product to you, made by Fresh & Go, the company that makes that cool toothbrush with toothpaste in the handle.

So, TA DA: Introducing - Single Use Floss Packets by Fresh & Go!

Fresh & Go individual floss packets contain 24 sachets of mint flavored waxed floss. Each sachet is individually sealed, so it's easy to just put them in your pocket, purse, backpack, or briefcase. Just tear, floss, and toss! If you liked the Dr. Ken's product, I'm sure you'll have equal adoration for the Fresh&Go single use floss. 

We know that some people don't like mint, and we're continuing to look for a non-mint individually packaged floss which is unflavored and unscented. (The Dr. Ken's Gliding Floss has been discontinued as well. We still have 6 packages in stock, and they're on clearance. So if you like the Dr. Ken's Gliding Floss, snatch up our remaining inventory of Dr. Ken's Gliding Floss at the low sale price. When it's gone, it's gone for good!)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Lil Palates: How to Clean Under an Orthodontic Palate Expander

Do you or your kids have an orthodontic palate expander at the roof of the mouth? If so, you will love the Lil Palates Sweeper Tool.

As you know, food gets trapped between the expander and upper palate and can be difficult to dislodge and clear out. If you don't clear out the trapped food, it can lead to really yucky bad breath and decay. Luckily, an innovative dentist designed a special tool that solves this pesky and challenging problem.

Lil Palates Sweeper is designed specifically to dislodge food debris that collects between the roof of the mouth and an orthodontic expander. It is made of soft, flexible plastic and is the perfect solution for people with Hyrax, Nance, Herbst, Haas, and other orthodontic appliances.

It's a great product for kids, but should be used with adult supervison. Each Lil Palates Sweeper Tool stores within its own handle (like a pocket knife) and includes three cheerful rubberized charms: a frog, a turtle, and a butterfly. It's available in blue or purple.

Simple little devices like this really make life easier for people suffering through expanders when they have braces (or are getting ready to wear braces). Lil Palates was created by a dentist to help his young son, who was having difficulty with his palate expander. I just love it when people create great products to help solve everyday problems! We carry several products like this at, so come on over and check them out!