Monday, May 1, 2017

Lost or Broken Retainer? Don't Panic, Get Stay Tray!

We've all been there at one time or another: at the worst possible moment, your retainer (or your child's retainer) gets lost or broken. A new retainer can cost hundreds of dollars and take a week or two to get made at your dentist. What can you do in the mean time to protect your orthodontic investment?  Easy....just get Stay Tray!

Stay Tray is a temporary replacement retainer that you mold at home in hot water (thermoformed "boil and bite" technology). It uses a patented "two tray system" to help you form the tray properly in just minutes. After forming, you can trim the retainer with scissors for a totally comfortable fit.

The Stay Tray makes a white colored retainer, which is suitable to wear at home or overnight. The rigid white EVA material holds your teeth securely in their existing position while you wait for the new retainer to come from your dentist or orthodontist. It is not meant to wear for months on end as a new retainer; it is meant as a temporary replacement so that your teeth don't move while you wait for your dentist to make a new retainer for you.

Stray Tray comes with full instructions and an 800 phone number to call the manufacturer for advice or questions.

This product is made in the US by a high-quality dental company. It's a good idea to have one of these on hand, especially if your kids are wearing retainers. You never know when a retainer might get lost or broken. Check out Stay Tray at: