Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wrestling and Braces

Most adults wrestle with their braces. But then there are high school wrestlers who have braces -- and wrestle with finding something to cover them!

I learn the most about our products from our customers, and this is no exception. It turns out, our Lip Protector product is extremely popular with high school wrestlers! It totally covers the brackets, and since it has such a slim profile, it doesn't interfere at all with the wrestler's breathing. Unlike a mouth guard, the Lip Protector covers only the front of the teeth. In that regard, you must remember that it will not protect a child's mouth or brain from heavy impact. All it does is protect you from your braces -- or other wrestlers from getting scratched by your braces. It is not meant to replace a mouth guard.

A similar product is the Comfort Cover, which totally encases the brackets. Both products sell for $8.50 per set. One set includes a top piece and a bottom piece. Remember to clean them regularly either with soap and water, or a retainer cleaner like Retainer Brite. Otherwise, they will begin to smell like the inside of your kid's gym bag. And you wouldn't want that inside your kid's mouth!

If you need more serious protection, we also carry two braces mouthguards by Shock Doctor: a double braces mouth guard and a single braces mouth guard.

Please check with your wrestling coach to ensure that it is "legal" to wear these braces covers in competition. We wouldn't want you to forfeit a match because you have the wrong equipment in your mouth!