Monday, November 2, 2009

DentaSoak 3-Month Refill: Less Plastic, Better for the Environment!

Our popular DentaSoak Retainer Cleaner now has an even more environmentally friendly option: a Refill Kit that does not include the plastic soaking cup. Previously, every DentaSoak kit came with a plastic soaking cup. The problem is, most people don't need more than one cup! If customers ordered two or three DentaSoak kits, they got a lot of extra soaking cups. So, in an effort to be more environmentally friendly, the folks at DentaSoak came up with a Refill Kit that contains only the DentaSoak product and no extra cup.

This is better for you, because the Refill Kit is a little less expensive than the original Starter Kit. And, there will be less unnecessary plastic littering our landfills or recycling plants. It's a win-win for everyone!

DentaSoak is one of the only retainer cleaners on the market today that does not contain Persulfate, an ingredient that sometimes causes an allergic reaction. To use DentaSoak, you mix two packets with cold water and use the solution for an entire week, which is especially convenient for lazy kids or busy adults!

If you've never used DentaSoak before, than you need to buy the Starter Kit which includes the soaking cup (to ensure proper measurement of water to DentaSoak solution). The DentaSoak Three Month Starter Kit is $15.99, and the DentaSoak Three Month Refill Kits are $14.99.