Sunday, January 17, 2010

5% of Profits Donated to Doctors Without Borders

This month I had planned to post a blog entry aimed at everyone who is newly braced in the new year. But that can wait until later.

A major event last week changed my mind. By now I'm sure you're as overwhelmed as I am with the news reports from earthquake ravaged Haiti. The news is horrible and extremely disturbing. My family and I personally have made a donation to The Red Cross in light of this disaster. As a family living near San Francisco, we know firsthand how destructive even a mild earthquake can be. When I saw that this one was 7.0, I knew that the people of Haiti would have a very long road ahead of them.

So, during the week of January 17th to 23rd, will donate 5% of its profits to the Doctors Without Borders organization. This international organization mobilizes its efforts to bring medical care to disadvantaged people worldwide. Of course more recently they are concentrating their efforts in Haiti.

I know that everyone is being bombarded with pleas to donate money to charity organizations. This is one way that you can make a donation simply by purchasing your dental braces supplies and retainer cleaners. It's a great week to stock up on any supplies you need, while taking advantage of free shipping for orders over $69 -- and additionally donating money to a worthy cause. Please make a purchase on our website today, and help spread the word.