Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Introducing DentaSoak: A Retainer Cleaner that is Persulfate-Free

At we like to be on the leading edge and offer products that are innovative and helpful. When a new retainer cleaning product called DentaSoak caught our attention, we realized it would be a great addition to our retainer cleaning product offerings.

What's so different about DentaSoak? It does not contain the chemical Persulfate. Some people are allergic or sensitive to Persulfate and cannot use oral hygiene products that contain the chemical. Unfortuantely, many retainer and denture cleaners do contain the ingredient. But not DentaSoak. This unique formula kills 99% of disease-spreading germs and bacteria in one 15-minute use. It keeps your retainer, aligner, mouthguard, or dentures sparkling clean and odor-free, and it has a fresh minty fragrance.

DentaSoak is a combination of two types of ingredients: a liquid and a powder. To use DentaSoak, mix the liquid packet together with cold water, add the powder packet, then close and gently shake the retainer bath (included). Once the solution is mixed, it lasts for ONE WEEK. That's right, you mix it once, and use it all week long. At the end of the week, spill it away and mix a new batch for the following week. An incredibly convenient solution for kids who are lazy about keeping their retainers or mouthguards clean!

Each box of DentaSoak includes a spill-resistant retainer bath with a convenient lift-out tray, plus enough solution-making packets to last 3 months. You can save money by buying 4 boxes (a one-year supply). Give DentaSoak a try; we're sure you'll be as impressed as we were!