Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Conceal Your Braces with Tooth-Colored Dental Wax


Sometimes you just don't want your metal braces to be so noticeable. Tooth-colored dental wax to the rescue! It's great for those times when you want to hide or obscure your braces. Soft and pliable, it is slightly more opaque with yellow undertones than regular dental wax to match the natural color of most teeth. While it won't completely hide your braces, it will make them a lot less noticeable.

Some dentists call this type of wax "pontic wax" and use it to fill spaces in clear retainers where teeth are missing.

This wax is unscented and unflavored. There are 10 containers of dental wax per pack. But if you use it a lot, try the money-saving bulk box of 50 containers.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

It's a Snap to Clean Your Teeth in The Shower with ShowerBreeze!


Keep your braces and teeth dentist-clean with the original ShowerBreeze oral irrigator by OralBreeze. It works like a Waterpik®-type appliance, but attaches directly to your bathroom shower head! No more bulky noisy appliances to clutter up your countertop! Great for busy adults and kids! And unlike traditional countertop irrigators, this product is very quiet -- nobody else in your house will hear you using it!

The ShowerBreeze is easy to install. First, unscrew your shower head. Then attach the included adapter. Screw your shower head into the adapter. That's it! View the video on our website to see the installation in action.

ShowerBreeze is a terrific product for people with braces, because it dislodges food particles quickly and easily, helping you to keep your teeth cleaner. It's also great for people with periodontal pockets or gum disease, because it gets under the gumline to help fight bacteria that causes periodontitus and gingivitus.

The ShowerBreeze is made to last, with valves constructed of chrome-plated brass. It comes with all hardware and detailed instructions, two tips (one yellow and one green), and a tip holder for your bathroom. Replacement tips are available. All of the OralBreeze products are made by Americans in a Veteran Owned and Operated Company.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

New OrthoDots Stops Braces From Hurting the Insides of Your Mouth

OrthoDots at DentaKit.com
Introducing OrthoDots, a new more convenient way to protect your mouth from the irritation and discomfort of orthodontic braces. OrthoDots are thick but moldable individual pieces of dental silicone combined with new moisture-activated technology.

Unlike traditional dental silicone, your orthodontic braces brackets don’t need to be dry for OrthoDots to stick. Just push them firmly onto the braces brackets that are irritating your mouth. The moisture on your brackets activates the patented adhesive, holding the OrthoDots in place as long as 6 to 8 hours or more. You can even eat and drink with them on! Works for all types of braces: metal, ceramic, lingual (behind the teeth) and even Invisalign and Invisalign attachments. Protects the back of your cheeks from poking wires better than wax. Plus, they're made in the USA!

OrthoDots are made of biomedical grade silicone. They  are extremely moldable and easy to apply and use. You can wear them up to 24 hours if necessary, including during meals. They will stay on during light teeth brushing, but take them off for your daily heavy brushing or strong water flossing. Please note that they are not re-usable (will not re-stick) once they are removed.

Orthodontists love this new product, and in trials they said that they prefer it over traditional dental wax and dental silicone. Each box of OrthoDots comes in either a starter pack of 12 or a bulk box of 48. Buy a few boxes to keep in your backpack, desk, car, or purse so that you'll never have to suffer from the irritation of orthodontic brackets. Makes a thoughtful gift for a loved one in orthodontic braces! Get OrthoDots now at DentaKit.com.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Bite Wafers: A Low-Tech Way to Beat Braces Tooth Pain

Got sore teeth? Bite Wafers for Orthodontic Braces help relieve discomfort when you get your braces adjusted. Chewing on the wafer helps increase blood circulation in your teeth and gums, which in turn helps to reduce your pain and discomfort.

Bite Wafers are made of a semi-hard plastic which slightly gives way when you bite on it. Simply put it in your mouth and clench the bite wafer gently and intermittently between your teeth. In other words, just bite on it, on and off. Do this 3 or 4 times per day for 15 to 20 minutes per time. Do not bite down so hard that it makes your jaw ache. Gentle pressure is better. Ask your orthodontist if you need more specific instructions. Remember to wash your bite wafer at least once per day to keep it clean. You can soak it in Retainer Brite or another retainer cleaner, if you wish.

Bite Therapy Wafers are sold individually and are available in four scents/flavors: Bubblegum (Pink), Cherry (Clear), Grape (Purple), and Mint (Teal Green). They're an inexpensive, low-tech way to make your orthodontic treatment more comfortable. Try some Bite Wafers today!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Clean Your Invisalign or Retainers in 3 Minutes with Persulfate-free Steraligner


Introducing a convenient new Persulfate-free way to clean your Invisalign aligners and retainers! Steraligner removes 99.9% of bacteria*, and also removes plaque and tartar from your clear aligner. Steraligner was developed by Sam Daher, DDS, a leading orthodontist and lecturer, to provide a better and more effective cleaning system for his orthodontic patients.

Unlike powders or tablets, Steraligner (pronounced STER-a-liner) is a liquid that works immediately to clean and sanitize your aligners in just 3 to 5 minutes. With daily use, Steraligner can help reduce yellowing, staining , and bad breath caused by dirty aligners. It leaves your dental appliance sparkling clean and minty fresh.

Steraligner is safe for aligners, retainers, partials, sleep apnea dental devices, and mouth guards. Safe for retainers that contain metal solder, when used as directed.

The Steraligner Starter Kit includes one 16 ounce bottle of Steraligner solution and one soaking dish with a built-in measuring line. That's enough for a month of cleanings if you use it every day.

Try Steraligner today!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Stop Your Braces From Hurting with Drug-Free OraChill Frozen Mouthpieces

OraChill Mouthpieces help your braces to stop hurting

Got new braces pain or mouth pain? Before you reach for the bottle of painkillers, try drug-free OraChill®.

OraChill frozen mouthpieces block
the pain that comes from your teeth.

OraChill is a whole new way to stop your braces from hurting. It is a mouthpiece made of medical grade polymer, filled with freezable non-toxic saline solution. You freeze OraChill in your home freezer, then apply it inside your mouth as needed. When you place a frozen OraChill mouthpiece inside your mouth as directed, it blocks the pain that comes from the nerves inside your mouth and jaw. The result is, the nerves in your mouth and jaw temporarily stop transmitting pain impulses to the brain! It has been clinically proven to work!

OraChill can help stop a large part of your orthodontic pain when you first get your braces on, or after an orthodontic adjustment. When used before meals (along with some dental wax to prevent irritation), it can help you eat more "challenging" foods -- so you don't need to limit yourself to soft foods all the time!

Use OraChill any time you suffer from any type of oral pain, whether it's from an orthodontic adjustment or other types of dental work or dental surgery.

Each box of OraChill contains 3 identical mouthpieces which must be frozen before use.
Place one mouthpiece on the inside of your upper gums, and the inside of your lower gums. (You don't put OraChill on your BRACES; you place it far into the tops and bottoms of your GUMS, where your nerves are that transmit the pain).

Leave the OraChill mouthpiece in place for two minutes. Then, remove it and replace it with the second chilled OraChill mouthpiece. Leave in place for two minutes. Then, remove it and replace it with the third chilled OraChill mouthpiece. The entire process takes about 6 minutes.

Each OraChill box contains 3 mouthpieces, which are totally re-usable. Just keep the 3 mouthpieces in your freezer and use them as often as you need, as many times as you need. OraChill is latex-free and DEHP-free. It has been FDA approved and successfully tested in patient trials.

Why suffer with the pain and discomfort of braces or other orthodontic work? Try OraChill today!

Friday, December 1, 2017

OAP Retainer Cleaners are Persulfate-Free

Short on time and don't want Persulfate in your retainer cleaner? OAP Cleaners solve the problem. OAP Cleaners are available in two innovative formulas: a gel and a luxurious foam. Both of these products are clinical proven to kill 99.9% of germs and viruses on your retainer in 60 seconds and contain no dyes, abrasives, or Persulfate. Regular use will help prevent plaque buildup on your dental appliance. Great for mouthguards, nightguards, retainers, bridges, aligners, and other types of removable dental appliances. It's also safe for Hawley retainers which contain metal solder.

OAP Cleaner was specially designed for busy people who want clean retainers or aligners but don't have the time for soaking. The product comes in two forms:
  • OAP Gel which kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, and freshens your retainer in 60 seconds.*
  • OAP Foam (better for Invisalign and Essix retainers) which spreads quickly into cracks and crevices. It kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, and freshens your retainer in 60 seconds.*
A handy solution for kids who wear retainers or sports mouthguards -- OAP products makes it easy for them to keep their dental appliance clean while at school or after a practice or a game.

OAP Cleaner was created and patented by dental professionals in conjunction with an orthodontic device user who recognized the necessity for a comprehensive dental appliance cleaner. Use OAP Cleaner and never put an icky retainer into your mouth again! You can find them both here: http://www.dentakit.com/oapcleaner.html